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Your host, Steve DeMonico, will interview 

CRT Players and crew in this new series.


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Colonial Radio Tonight with Steve DeMonico

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Episode 05: Guests Colin Budzyna, Jerry Robbins

Steve welcomes Colin and Jerry who discuss the new episodes of THE ALL NEW DIBBLE SHOW.


Recorded April 2013.  

Music:  The Dibble Theme by Jeffrey Gage.


Episode 04: Guests Cynthia Pape, Nolan Murphy, and Emily Elizabeth

It's all BEACON HILL Series 2 as Steve chats with stars Cynthia Pape (Augusta), Nolan Murphy (Barton Prescott), and Emily Elizabeth (Marietta Prescott).


Recorded June 20, 2013.  

Music - Theme from BEACON HILL by Austin Davy.


Episode 03: Guest James Turner

Steve and guest James Turner talk about CRT's newest release, Oscar Wilde's THE CANTERVILLE GHOST.


Recorded May 13, 2013.  

Music - Theme from THE CANTERVILLE GHOST by Jeffrey Gage.


Episode 02: Guest Joseph Zamparelli

Guest Joseph Zamparelli joins Steve to discuss all things Powder River!


Recorded April 02, 2013.  

Music - Theme from Powder River by Jeffrey Gage.


Episode 01: Guests Colin Budzyna, Jerry Robbins

Guests Diane Capen and Barbara Dempsey-West discuss Beacon Hill - Series One.


Recorded April 02, 2013.  

Music - Theme from Beacon Hill, by Austin Davy




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