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Your host, Jerry Robbins, will interview CRT Players and crew in this new series.


Follow CRT for new updates and some fun behind the scenes memories.



Episode 19


February 2013 - Nolan Murphy


Jerry is joined by Nolan Murphy (BEACON HILL, VINCENT PRICE PRESENTS) for a discussion that includes the new CRT Series BEACON HILL, as well as acting on radio and theater - and the most influential rock albums of our time (yes, a heavy episode!).


Music: Theme from Beacon Hill - by Austin Davy




Episode 18


October 2012 - Cast of Powder River


The cast of Powder River talks about their show after the taping of their 100th episode.  Jerry is joined by Kristen Dattoli, Joseph Zamparelli, Lincoln Clark, Diane Lind, Marcia Friedman, James McLean, Isaac Bean and Gabriel Clark.


Music: Theme from Powder River by Jeffrey Gage




Episode 17


April 17, 2012 - Guest Andrew Monroe


Jerry talks with 12 year old Andrew Monroe about his appearances in CRT's LOGAN'S RUN, TICONDEROGA and THE STAR ANGEL.


Music: Music from The Star Angel - by Jeffrey Gage




Episode 16


June 6, 2012 - Ray Bradbury Tribute

When Ray Bradbury passed away on June 5, 2012, Sirius XM Radio called Jerry and asked if he would be able to put together a tribute that they would be able to play on the Book Radio Station. Since Colonial had produced four of Mr. Bradbury's most iconic works, they thought it would be nice to be able to hear some scenes from the productions,  and for Jerry to talk about how they came to work with the legendary author.




Episode 15


January 21, 2012:  Guest Nick Aalerud


In a special 50 minute show, Jerry welcomes Nick Aalerud (The New Dibble Show, The Plimoth Adventure, The Red Badge of Courage) to the CRT talk microphone.  The conversation covers a lot of ground, including the stage run of BARRYMORE, which Nick was involved with off stage and then later in the co-starring role of "Frank."  Of course, there is some fun behind the scenes stories of The New Dibble Show, Nick travels to India, a very rare recording of Jerry and Nick in "Lives in a Bengal Lancer," and the CRT Live stage show.  The opening and closing music and scenes are from a performance at the Camden Maine Opera House when The Colonial Radio Theatre stopped there on New Years Eve, 2002.




Episode 14


September 12, 2011:  Guest Chad Addison

Jerry's guest is Chad Addison (The Alamo, Gettysburg) who recorded with CRT from ages 10 to 12. Now living in Hollywood and working on his career, Chad returned to CRT with a guest appearance in THE SEVEN LIVES OF DR. PHIBES (which will be released on April 13th, 2012). A fun discussion that covers everything from acting on stage and film, and from The Alamo to i-Carly. Clips at the top of the show are scenes of Chad in Pinocchio, The Alamo, and It Happened One Night. Visit him at




Episode 13


August 9, 2011:  Guest Shana Dirik

Jerry welcomes Shana Dirik to CRT Talk. Shana is a two-time winner of  the prestigious IRNE Award for New England Theater, and has appeared in just about every musical there is over the past 30 years. She began recording with CRT in 1998 and some of her radio credits include OZMA OF OZ, LAND OF OZ, VINCENT PRICE PRESENTS, and THE DIBBLE SHOW. A fun conversation with one of the true gems of the Boston stage.





Episode 12


July 16, 2011:  Guests Kerry Donovan and Alex Bookstein



Jerry welcomes Kerry Donovan (The Emerald City of Oz) and Alex Bookstein (Return to Treasure Island) to CRT Talk. Jerry asks them about acting on stage vs. radio, as well as stage roles they have played and would like to play. This is a fun and interesting conversation and observations from these two young actors who are new to Colonial Radio.





Episode 11


June 25, 2011:  Guest Joe Caliendo Jr.

Joe first recorded with CRT in 1997, and here Jerry talks with him on a variety of subjects including radio acting, his family, and his new co-starring role in LOGAN'S RUN - LAST DAY.




Episode 10


June 13, 2011: Tom Berry

Tom chats with Jerry after a recording session for THE BEST IN THE UNIVERSE, talking about radio, stage and some behind the scenes stories ... like the time they tied for Best Actor!  Fun episode on CRT Talk.




Episode 9


November 14, 2010:  Sam Donato


Sam talks with Jerry about his days with his popular band Class of '66, and his years on Rex Trailers BOOMTOWN, as well his recordings with CRT.




Episode 8


August 1, 2010:  Cynthia Pape


Jerry talks with longtime CRT player Cynthia Pape about her CRT shows, her broadcasting days, and playing the Bucks Country Playhouse with Dana Andrews. 30min. 

(Music is by Henry Mancini, from the motion picture "The Great Race."   




Episode 07


July 22, 2010: Guest Hugh Metzler


Jerry talks with CRT Star Hugh Metzler about some his CRT memories (Captain Blood, Dandelion Wine, King Solomon's Mines), as well as his life on stage.  Music Bumpers from CRT's Dandelion Wine (2006) by Jeffrey Gage.  (28 min.)




Episode 06


July 11, 2010: Guest David Ault


David joins Jerry for a discussion that includes recording for audio, Moonfleet, Treasure island, and Dr. Who. (28 min.)





Episode 05


June 18, 2010: Guest Anastas Varinos


Jerry chats with Anastas Varinos, star of CRT's Something Wicked This Way Comes, The Halloween Tree, and the upcoming The Prince And The Pauper. (28 min.)




Episode 04


Mar. 20, 2010: Guest JT Turner


Jerry and guest J.T. Turner discuss the new CRT production Ticonderoga, and the early days of CRT. (28 min.)




Episode 03


Mar. 11, 2010: Guest Joseph Zamparelli


Jerry's guest is Joseph Zamparelli (The Dibble Show, Yankee Clipper, Powder River, Ticonderoga) (29 min.)




Episode 02


Mar. 4, 2010: Guest Lincoln Clark 


Longtime CRT Player Lincoln Clark is the guest. Recording at CRT for 22 years, Jerry quizzes Mr. Clark on shows he has appeared in, as well as reminiscing on The Dibble Show and Powder River.  (27 min.)




Episode 01


Feb. 25, 2010: Guest Diane Capen 


Jerry welcomes longtime CRT Player Diane Capen, as they discuss everything from The Dibble Show to the story of how her final episode in Powder River came about.  (28 min.)